SVG Sprite Splitter

This console application takes one SVG sprite file and splits it to separated single SVG files

Technical Specifiactions:
Console Applicaton
.Net Core 3.0
Cross platform
Size: 70MB aprox.
Available for:
Windows x64
Windows x86
Additional Info:
This app is Freeware
See the code in Github here

Download application:

Windows x64

Download SVG Sprite Spitter app for x64 Win system

Windows x86

Download SVG Sprite Spitter app for x86 Win system


Download SVG Sprite Spitter app for Linux system



Every version of this application is cross platform and self contained application. This means it doesn't depend of any specific platform or operation system (for example .NET framework, Windows ).
You just need to download the app and to run 'ConsoleApp' execution file in your console (terminal) and to follow the instructions there.
The download file is packed in .7z (7 Zip, RAR) format. If you don't have such tool to unpack it, you can download and use some. For example 7-zip (free) or WinRar, WinZip and others.
Link for download 7-Zip (official site) (freeware)

There are several steps for using this app:
0. Unpack the folder with needed files.
1. Run the 'ConsoleApp' exe file at the console (terminal).
2. It will prompt you to fill the full path of the source SVG Sprite file which you want to split.
for example: D:\SomeFolder\ExampleFile.svg
3. As next step it will prompt you to fill the full path of the desired destination folder - the place where you want the app to create the new separated svg files.
for example: C:\test
4. Now you have to wait the application to process you data and in the end it will inform you for the result (Successful or Failed).
5. After the end of the whole operation you can manually check if all the files are in the destination directory.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):
If there appears some error or problem during (also after) the process, please check for invalid source data or input data.
For example: wrong path of the source file, wrong path of the destination folder or wrong format of typing of them. And the same thing about source file content.
In case of problem, some syntax errors may exist, tag missing or other kind of description in the source svg sprite file.
If you have some other questions or suggestions, please write to me - Contacts